• © Biwako Visitors Bureau Hikone Castle

    Hikone Castle

    Hikone Castle was built by the Ii family, in the first decades of the seventeenth century.
    Today this Castle is stilll stands on a hill in central Hikone.
    From the flat hilltop, you can see all of Hikone city and the mountain ranges that surround Ōmi.
    Climb the vertiginous steps inside the keep, and you can look down on the castle defences, as well as the pretty traditional garden created for the enjoyment of the feudal lords.

    Open: am8:30 - pm17:00


  • Nagahama Castle

    Nagahama Castle

    Nagahama Castle stands close to Lake Biwa. The small, white castle tower is conspicuous from the road that hews close to the northern end of the lake. Today's castle is a replica housing a museum, but the original castle built on this site played an important role in the history of the region.

    Open: am9:00 - pm17:00


  • © Biwako Visitors Bureau Chikubu Island

    Chikubu Island

    Chikubu Island sits in the northern part of Lake Biwa within the territory of Nagahama, Shiga Prefecture. This beautiful island can be reached by ferry from the ports of Nagahama and Hikone. The ferry trip offers spectacular views of the northern lake area, including Mt. Ibuki.
    The two main attractions of the island are Hōgon-ji Temple and Tsukubusuma Shrine.


  • © Biwako Visitors Bureau Kinomotojuku


    Kinomotojuku has flourished for being located in front of Jizoin Temple. It has always thronged with travelers and people coming to the temple to pray.
    In Kinomotojuku you can see the old merchant townscape and enjoy scenery as it was in the past.


  • © Biwako Visitors Bureau Hachimanbori (Old town)

    Hachimanbori (Old town)

    Omihachiman developed as a commercial city in the early modern period.
    It arose from the town at the base of the castle on Hachimanyama built in 1585 by Toyotomi Hidetsugu, the nephew of Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
    Hidetsugu deregulated the markets and guilds of his domain, promoting commerce. The castle moat, Hachimanbori, functioned both as a defensive feature and as a canal.


  • © Biwako Visitors Bureau Sagawa art museum

    Sagawa art museum

    This museum is Inspired by traditional Japanese styles, the construction of the monotone building and the water pools built boldly around it blend beautifully into the surrounding scenery, truly making it a "floating museum."
    The museum features exhibitions of the works of some of Japan's greatest artists, including the painter Ikuo Hirayama, sculptor Sato Churyo, an d ceramics master Kichizaemon Raku, allowing visitors to examine the worlds of each from a variety of angles.

    Open: am9:30 - pm17:00


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