• Kyoto style Kaiseki

    Kyoto-style Kaiseki

    Our Kyoto-style Kaiseki is a multi-course meal that features ample seasonal seafood, delicacies from the mountains, and heirloom vegetables from Kyoto.
    Our skilled Japanese chefs use these unique local ingredients from the Kohoku region to create wonderful dishes.

  • Omi Beef Kaiseki

    Omi Beef Kaiseki

    Omi beef is renowned as one of Japan's most famous wagyu brands, alongside Matsusaka and Kobe beef. It is known for its unique luster, tenderness, and moderate marbling.
    Enjoy the wonderful sweetness of the meat as it melts and spreads throughout your mouth.

  • Omi Beef

    Our premium Omi beef loin soymilk Shabu-shabu hot pot features soymilk soup infused with beef broth, packing it with a rich, intense savory flavor.

    Omi beef
    Omi beef

Japanese Sake

Shiga Prefecture, renowned for its rice production, is also famous for brewing exquisite sake (Japanese rice wine).
Enjoy local sake that pairs perfectly with our Japanese multi-course kaiseki meals.
Our top recommendation is the "Shichihon Yari (Seven Spearmen),” a popular sake.

Japanese sake


Omi rice is a popular branded Japanese rice, known for its high quality and abundant production.
Savor a hearty Japanese breakfast featuring this premium rice as a main ingredient.


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